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  ONE OF THE BIGGEST REASONS for poor color in photo prints is failure to calibrate and profile the monitor. In order to achieve a good monitor to print match, an accurately profiled display is a must. With your Lenovo W700 mobile workstation, you already have this covered.

But it doesn’t stop there. To complete the color workflow, you need to have a printer profile so that your imaging software knows how best to reproduce the color on your individual printer(s).

Many printer manufacturers provide generic profiles (most are created using X-Rite profiling technology) that are developed for a specific model and paper type. While using these profiles can certainly get you improved results, the best results come from using custom profiles.

A custom profile can easily be created for your printer. Like monitors, each printer has a unique “fingerprint”. And each set of paper and inks can produce color differently on your specific printer.  By creating a custom printer profile, you are assured of the most accurate color from your printer.

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